I had to go to sleep earlier than usual so I didn't have time to polish, add final voxel models and make the opening and respawn system.

So, it's a game about a man who decided to protect his village from thieves. Later on, he understands something important (in the compo version - nothing, the great ending didn't work). It controls with WASD, but you have a dash ability (arrow keys), you can move faster and kill enemies in their defense mode. You approach enemies and start fighting them. They shoot and dash AT YOU, you can dodge. then, they start avoiding you. During that period, you can kill them using dash.

There are lots of bugs and the difficulty curve is unbalanced, I think that I planned too much content. There will be a fixed jam version, please visit this page on April 24th. If you find bugs, please tell me...

I planned to make something loosely connected to the theme, but if the planned mechanic worked, it would be an RPG fighting half-roguelike (permadeath!!). Unfortunately, half-permadeath didn't work, so I had to use normal death.

Sorry, this game is unfinished. Lesson learned: don't plan too much...

P.S. This is crazy! I have 9 hours left but I can't use them.


bulds.zip 32 MB

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